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Telegram/Twitter Space AMA

In this decentralized crypto world & keeping in view the increasing trend of AMA (ask me anything), we’re offering to do AMA sessions in our Community and in Twitter space to grow your Project. We’ve 32k+ members in Telegram Community & 12k+ followers on Twitter. Audience will be the community that will show a good engagement, interest and will do questions about the Project. AMA session in our community will lead you to demonstrate your project features in front of our community & build an opportunity for the audience to participate in Project activities.

Telegram/Twitter Growth

In Nov 2k22, telegram mobile messaging app cloud based with 650+ million monthly active worldwide users shown by report & app was launched in 2k13. In Dec 2k22 , analysis revealed that the Twitter growth will show down trend in the next two years. According to reports, we shown nearly 4% decrease in Twitter monthly active users. keeping in view the Telegram and Twitter growth demand Crypto Growers team provides you the best solutions & services. We’re Providing the organic telegram and Twitter growth as we’ve many active users that will also participate in your upcoming sessions.

Instagram/Tiktok Promotion

Instagram Promotion is a special kind of marketing that impacts on the customers. For any brand awarness and visibility Instagram publications have a great engagement and work for boosting any crypto project features. 90% users on Instagram has business account. Instagram Promotions plays a vital role in Project growth. In any Project growth, visuals are necessary. TikTok app helps the projects to expand their videos that results in users understanding the Project that will results as increase in followers. Any video that we’re promoting will be displayed as an ad.

Facebook/ Like Promotion

Facebook influencing is the art and Practice of advertising a brand & business in Facebook marketplace that attracts organic Users. Facebook Promotion includes texts, photos , Reels, videos, stories, contests and giveaways. Crypto Growers team can help you to verify your crypto brand page that surely build the interest in Users. Every Project team wants to expand their Project wordwide. Crypto Growers team can help projects to increase engagements and can play an important role in getting them viral on Likee. Crypto Projects trams can use crypto growers platforms on telegram and on fiverr to use our best services. Facebook/Likee Promotion will give you many benefits like the Project team will be able to target potential customers, in getting traffic from an active audience and users, in audience transparency, in worldwide reach, in customer support and in Content Promotion.

CMC/CG Listing

CMC/CG are the world’s most trusted website’s that are rapidly growing in world’s crypto space for crypto assests. Target is to build the crypto more effective, efficient and discoverable through users by providing them unbiased, good quality and accurate data for doing their analysis. Crypto Growers Community providing the CMC/CG listing in 2-3 working days. CMC/CG listing is necessary for any Project in such a way that these websites have a lot of active users and their target is to democratize the use of crypto information and give more insights to users. Listing on CMC/CG, the project price will significantly rise to a better value. The market capitalization is an important parameter in CMC/CG listing. The historical crypto data shows that listing token on CMC/CG will generate interest and value in digital assets. In short listing on CMC/CG will result in positive effect on Prices and Volume.

Website Development

Website development services are services that focus on creating, developing, and maintaining websites for businesses, organizations, or individuals. Website development services involve creating web pages, programming, designing, and maintaining websites, as well as integrating content management systems (CMS) and other technologies. One of the most Useable Module is Word press in this you can make Blogging Website and ecommerce Website in no time. So As we are moving in advance Digital Marketing ,So we also give Services in Click Funnels. Click Funnels is an online sales funnel software that helps entrepreneurs and marketing professionals create effective sales funnels. It enables you to create landing pages, order forms, and other sales pages quickly and easily. It also integrates with thirdparty services, such as email marketing, payment processing.

We Bring together Marketplaces & Finance

An important parameter in any business development strategies is Partnership. Crypto Growers is an educational and promotional channel. Our goal is to create a good vibe in the cryptocurrency space. Encourage projects to raise capital and get listed on the world’s top exchanges. Our aim is to work together with the projects that are in starting phase mainly & build their holders and market cap. Crypto Growers Community has a lot of users on different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram and also available on Fiverr. Crypto Growers is a market place to expand any crypto token & widely access in knowledge in the crypto market ecosystem. We’ll be happy to work as a partner in regards to provide you the best community, users, buyers and traders fulfilling your crypto requirements for project growth. Our aim is to bring the crypto into real life use by introducing different tokens. Basically Partnership leads to capture the attention of big whales and customers towards the Project. Business collaborations helps to develop new brands, products and services.

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Crypto Growers Partnership

Partnerships plays an important role in any tokens growth. Crypto Growers Community has a number of partners in which Exchanges are also included. Partnership with Crypto Growers includes the following features. Firstly Partnership announcement on website, telegram channel, Twitter & on Instagram also. Secondly Making one pagers about Project. Thirdly Creating videos about Project in which all project events will be included. Sharing Project news in our Channels, community will be also included. Promoting events, writing articles about Project, Doing AMA’s with the Project team weekly, Doing Airdrops and discussions on how to increase the price, volume of token and finding solutions will be also included. Some tokens & exchanges that worked with crypto Growers Team listed below.

EasyCrypto is the native currency of the EasyCrypto platform, and its goal is to “encourage newcomers and advanced investors to Invest so that they can invest in this project as the most valuable.” EasyCrypto aims to make investing easier for beginners/old-timers.

Jetset is a utility token used in the ever-growing travel, wellness, beauty, and luxury lifestyle Industries. Everyone deserves a quality of life and with JetSet you set the gold standard for your life. We have strategic partnerships and offer benefits through travel packages, gifts, discounts and exclusive events around the world.

Catvills Coin is a symbol of the BSC network community and its development will bring many benefits to investors. We mainly operate the community, and the project party has no reservations. Everything here is decided by the investors. Catvills team doing Marketing every day and are building relationship with different communities to increase our community growth.

BitMart Exchange is the #1 global trading klatform for digital assets and ranked among the top 15 crypto exchanges on CoinGecko. Bitmart currently has over 9,000,000 registered users and a peak daily transaction volume around $4 billion. It is headquartered in the Cayman Islands and has offices in Now York, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea BitMart is now offering 800+ Trading pairs in spot market and 1604 Trading pairs in futures market

ArtKit is the first decentralized NFT marketplace that allows users and projects to create, buy and sell NFTs, follow their favorite creators and write NFT stories. Overall, wo bridge the gap between social media, NFT, and Motaverse. We will implement a system/gateway with multiple chains (up to six or more blockchains) and multiple payments (up to 600 payments).

BillzHub is a platform that is designed to integrate the world of social media into the Def & Cel space, making it available to both crypto and non crypto followers alike. Billzhub Key features includes the Messanger APP, NFT Marketplace, Metaverse & DEX. The Use cases are very important to team. This will help build a good foundation for our project and polentially help us secure any Future Funding.

Our Expert Team

Cryptogrowers is a team of experienced cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals who are passionate about helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors navigate the complex and rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency. Our team consists of Website Developers, Marketing Head, Financial Analysts, WordPress Developers ,Graphic Designers, and Business strategists, who have decades of combined experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.


Saqlain Haider


Waqas Ahmad

Web Developer

Najaf Shahzad

Marketing Head

Muhammad Hassan

WordPress Developer

Graphic Designer

Crypto Growers Pricing Plans

$ 200 /Day
    • Text AMA
    • $100 Reward
    • Pin post for 2 days
    • Recaps
    • 1 day shilling
$ 400 /Day
    • Text/Voice AMA
    • $100 Reward
    • Pin poet for 3 days
    • Recaps
    • 2 day shilling
    • 2 Week Project Support
$ 600 /Day
    • Text/Voice AMA
    • $100 Reward
    • Pin post for 5 days
    • Recaps
    • 1 Week shilling
    • 1 month Support
    • Twitter, Instagram Promotion

Why you choose Crypto Growers?

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual form of currency that uses encryption techniques to secure and verify transactions and to control the creation of new units. One of the main reasons people choose to use cryptocurrency is its decentralized nature, which means that it is not controlled by any central authority such as a government or financial institution. This can provide greater freedom and privacy for individuals who want to make transactions without interference or monitoring. Cryptocurrency can also be faster and cheaper than traditional forms of payment, particularly for international transactions. It can be used to purchase goods and services online and can also be held as an investment.

Safe And Secure

We provide services with results, don’t spam, use trust wallets for incoming and outgoing payments

Most Secure Wallet

Our community  uses Trust Wallet which is completely safe and secure.

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You can approach us at any time because we are available 365 days

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Holisticly reintermediate alternative initiatives and emerging applications. Holisticly enhance premier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that are mostly asked by the team. So the most important FAQs are given below to avoid the same question repetition from the client and also to provide awareness about the main topic

AMA is known as  “Ask Me Anything”. AMA is actually giving the awareness of the project(Token, NFT, P2E). In AMA people asked various questions about the  project

There are two types of AMA

  1. Voice AMA
  2. Text AMA

It’s a Q&A session where Reddit users post questions, and the host goes back through and answers them.

AMA contains three segments
1st segment: 5 questions from Host questions
2nd segment: 5 questions from twitter community
3rd segment: 5 questions from telegram community

We will make announcements of AMA and pin on telegram and also announce on Twitter. People will submit their questions related to project on twitter then we will choose 5 best questions .
In the last segment we will open the group for 2 minutes so that telegram members can ask their questions then guest will pick 5 best questions to give their answers

After AMA session, Our investors,Telegram and Twitter members will invest in your project
Your telegram and Twitter will grow
After AMA we will provide you AMA Recap(Whole AMA session) that you can post on your different Social platforms

Shilling refers to the increasingly popular phenomenon of promoting any crypto coin through implicit advertising. Shilling is the Promotion of the project. In shilling, our expert Shiller posts your project information in different telegram and Twitter communities to promote the project

Yes, we do AMA for NFT projects and do shillings on Twitter and Telgram. We can grow Twitter and Telegram community for NFT projects.