Hello all we would like to introduce you to Mine base. It is a new project that we have developed with you in mind. It has been in the making by our team for almost 2 years, and we went to a great distance to make sure that the programming is truly breakthrough. As a token of appreciation of your ongoing support, we made Mine base free for all V999 and GNS owners. You can convert the V999 and GNS token to the Mine base token and then either use it within our system or simply trade it.

The mechanics behind Mine base is what makes it one of kind:

There are a total of 250 million tokens and their supply to the network depends on fees generated by top blockchains 45 million tokens are dedicated to a bonus program
>The rest of the supply is minted through a process we call CTP (Creative Token Production)
Learn more about Mine base, CTP and the MBASE token here: