SUKIWIN: the revolutionary new crypto meme token that’s aiming to take the blockchain by storm!

Built on the powerful BNB blockchain, SUKIWIN offers its owners the exclusive opportunity to participate in lotteries/raffles that are only available to fellow SUKIWIN holders. By holding the token, you not only stand a chance to win exciting prizes but also increase your token holdings.

In addition to these benefits, SUKIWIN also provides its holders with access to other exclusive promotions. Currently, we are partnering with multiple crypto-gambling platforms and other services to offer our token holders special rewards, reduced prices, and other unique offers.

Additionally, SUKIWIN offers a staking program with high yields as a way to further reward and incentivize holders for their loyalty and support.

Binance Smart Chain | BEP20 (Token)
Contract: 0xf041a35049f1609e77afb02c573739af73efd532
Date Launched: Mar-28-2023
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 SUKIW
Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000,0

💎 Ofexy 💎

OFEXY designs virtual and real products using Blockchain and Web 3.0 technology to bring a unique innovation to online pay systems worldwide.

💎Ai – RWA – WEB3💎
🔥Big Gem with Big Utility

✅APP IS ON THE WAY (ios&android)


Website : https://www.ofexy.com/

Ca: 0x94243191afb8b4268f0e7afe1484bb637012adfe
Tg: https://t.me/OfexyToken

For everyone in this group: the dates and times we share for the Starship launch come directly from SpaceX or Elon. We consider those dates to be official. For those of you who are new to watching rocket launches unfold, dates can change for a list of reasons (weather, launch vehicle issues, or in this case FAA approval). That is why rocket launches have back up dates built into the launch. For Starship: SpaceX’s official account, road closures, maritime warnings, and several other official documents are telling us the launch is planned for April 17th, and has back up dates of April 18th-21st. That is what we are going with and will continue to tell people in this group until we hear differently from the people launching the rocket. Knowing Elon… I wouldn’t be surprised if the launch date is changed to 4/20 😉



Floki Chairman 🐶👔BSC生态中最火的表情包代币! 🤩 你厌倦了表现不佳的 CEO 吗?主席来这里是为了撼动加密货币世界并解雇那些无法交付的人。 Floki Chairman 社区完全去中心化且充满活力

🔥税收:8%🔥 4% BNB 奖励💰

CEX 清单

🔝最大钱包购买者将自动列入白名单以在 Arbitrum 上发布。



⚡️Stealth Launch⚡️

Floki Chairman 🐶👔 The hottest meme token in the BSC ecosystem! 🤩 Are you tired of poor-performing CEO’s? The Chairman is here to shake up the crypto world and fire those who can’t deliver. The community of Floki Chairman is fully decentralized and vibrant

🔥Tax: 8%🔥 with 4% BNB rewards💰

🟢Contract will be renounced

🔝Max wallet buyers will automatically be whitelisted for the launch on Arbitrum.

Join us on our mission for success and change.💎

chart : https://poocoin.app/tokens/0xbed12475c9fb4aae01a07619e0013076bc44f272
Community: https://t.me/flokichairmangroup
website: https://www.flokichairman.com

We are extremely thrilled to see our airdrop program has received a tremendous amount of attention.
We thank you all very much for this.

Should you have any question or concern about the Airdrop and KYC, please open a support ticket at https://support.alink.ai/portal/en/home

We have found a number of fraudulent KYC submissions (e.g., falsified ID info, or falsified selfie picture…). We emphasize that we will block all accounts that repetitively attempt these fraudulent actions.

Please be aware that spamming your request about Airdrop and KYC in ALINK Community Group will result in being banned.

Dear Blofin Users:

Multi-account registration to farm Blofin rewards or any other abusive or fraudulent behaviors will result in immediate termination of all associated accounts.Recently, Blofin received a large number of malicious multi-registration attacks from India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and other countries. We have temporarily suspended the KYC qualifications of users in these three countries. As part of our continued efforts to improve the security and compliance of our platform, blofin will make adjustments to KYC restricted areas from Jan 16, 2023. Thank you for your interest in Blofin.🤝

What Is KYC?
Know Your Customer (KYC) is a set of procedures that require financial institutions and crypto exchanges to verify the identity of their customers. Blofin uses KYC to identify customers and analyze their risk profiles. This verification helps prevent money laundering and financing of illicit activities.🌟

Increase your KYC level now to unlock unrestricted access to Blofin’s products and services.

We are excited to announce that Rug Genies Loyalty League is now live! 🥳

The Loyalty league will reward our most loyal and active holders with some lucrative rewards.

The first points have been allocated, and will be updated every week on Friday.

Our website has been also been updated, you can now view the rules and active leaderboard at any time.

Earn > Loyalty League

Loyalty Leaderboard

You can read more information on how the loyalty league works here


We will also be creating a /leaderboard function so you can see the leaderboard points at anytime in the group.

If you have any questions or feedback, please ask in the telegram chat!

Hello, DMC community! @everyone

Here we are!

We have 8 different roles for members now, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Diamond & Red Diamond in DMC discord community http://discord.gg/dmcofficial

And there is reward for certain roles. 🥳

Be active and get roles of gold or above ⬆️ by Apr 17th,PDT.📆

You will get:

1️⃣0️⃣ DMC for Gold role
2️⃣0️⃣ DMC for Platinum role
2️⃣5️⃣ DMC for Palladium role
3️⃣0️⃣ DMC for Diamond role
4️⃣0️⃣ DMC for Red Diamond role


1️⃣You can only get the reward for one time.
2️⃣The activity ends on Apr 17th.
3️⃣If you have got gold role reward in last activity, you cannot get the gold role reward this time. Please chat more to get platinum or above. ⬆️
4️⃣If you haven’t got gold role but missed last activity, now is your chance. Be active!
5️⃣DM DMC Discrod admin with your DMC wallet address if your role become gold or above by Apr 17th.
6️⃣Reward will be distributed after all addresses have been collected.
7️⃣Please only send message

The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3) was built around gifting to assist in the elimination of post care expenses. Hence, The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3). This Community is not just for kindred individuals, but for small businesses, or corporations to engage and invest in the spirit of giving. TPCv3 represents a true gifting community and we expect it to be strong and well-known around the world. The   ecosystem and business model will  popularize charitable investments for the products and services as a whole solution and present them to investors in the form of charity along with security and profitability.

✅ About TPCv3 Qualifies
After a transplant recipient has received the gift of an organ, The Transplant Coin wants to assist in eliminating the out-of-pocket expenses so that focus can be shifted to living with a brighter tomorrow.
Each referral will receive a stipend based on their financial need. The Transplant Coin is vested in giving a lifetime experience with 4% per token purchase to fund our charity.

📝Contract Address
🚀Don’t miss this opportunity
💰Start now filling your bags
📢Spread the news!

“CCGDS” adheres to the business philosophy of “consensus, co creation and sharing” and actively explores the use of blockchain technology to improve the multi value transmission and contribution distribution system. In the ecology of CCGDS, it can be used for circulation, payment, supply chain management, supply chain nance and other commercial applications. CCGDS is both an incentive token within CCGDS and a governance token within the CCGDS platform quantified and stored by CCGDS by community consensus, and acts as a powerful driver of growth in the value of CCGDS DAOS and individuals. The value of CCGDS will continue to rise in the future as the volume of DAO members gradually increases and the amount invested increases Through a series of token mechanisms such as CCGDS deflation and dividends to attract members to contribute,the purpose of CCGDS investment decisions are virtuously driven.
The CCGDS is initiated by the CCGDS DAO community and is decentralised,making the holder of the token the “owner” of the platform。The more active users are,the more value they contribute and the more active the ecosystem becomes,which is empowering for both the platform and its members.