The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3) was built around gifting to assist in the elimination of post care expenses. Hence, The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3). This Community is not just for kindred individuals, but for small businesses, or corporations to engage and invest in the spirit of giving. TPCv3 represents a true gifting community and we expect it to be strong and well-known around the world. The   ecosystem and business model will  popularize charitable investments for the products and services as a whole solution and present them to investors in the form of charity along with security and profitability.

✅ About TPCv3 Qualifies
After a transplant recipient has received the gift of an organ, The Transplant Coin wants to assist in eliminating the out-of-pocket expenses so that focus can be shifted to living with a brighter tomorrow.
Each referral will receive a stipend based on their financial need. The Transplant Coin is vested in giving a lifetime experience with 4% per token purchase to fund our charity.

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