“CCGDS” adheres to the business philosophy of “consensus, co creation and sharing” and actively explores the use of blockchain technology to improve the multi value transmission and contribution distribution system. In the ecology of CCGDS, it can be used for circulation, payment, supply chain management, supply chain nance and other commercial applications. CCGDS is both an incentive token within CCGDS and a governance token within the CCGDS platform quantified and stored by CCGDS by community consensus, and acts as a powerful driver of growth in the value of CCGDS DAOS and individuals. The value of CCGDS will continue to rise in the future as the volume of DAO members gradually increases and the amount invested increases Through a series of token mechanisms such as CCGDS deflation and dividends to attract members to contribute,the purpose of CCGDS investment decisions are virtuously driven.
The CCGDS is initiated by the CCGDS DAO community and is decentralised,making the holder of the token the “owner” of the platform。The more active users are,the more value they contribute and the more active the ecosystem becomes,which is empowering for both the platform and its members.

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