CareCoin is a SAFU Certified Cryptocurrency project that is built on the Binance Smart Chain whose primary goal is to make a major impact in the world by making donations to various humanitarian and socio-economic causes while developing high level utilities and working for full vertical integration of its crypto currency in to the healthcare industry as a form of payment method.

✅ CA: 0xcF6256895839cA82dcF8Abc54B162A5eB076f207

🔥 0% buy tax. 5% sell tax.

🔥 10% tax to LP on xfers

🔥 Low 21m supply. Multi-cent starting price point.

🔥 Flagship partner of the American Cancer Society

🔥 Celebrity athletes and influencers on board

🔥 Adopted Kenyan orphanage

🔥 CMC and CG applied

🔥 Major CEX listing upon liquidity unlock

🔥 15+ utilities including a blockchain, swap, wallet and more!

✅SAFU Certified ✅Official Flagship Sponsor/Partner of The American Cancer Society ✅USA-Based
✅ContractChecker Audited & Passed SAFU Standards ✅KYC ✅KYB (company) ✅Experienced Owners ✅15+ Utilities ✅Safety & Compliance Certifications ✅CareChain (Blockchain) ✅CareVerse (MetaVerse) ✅CareShop (Marketplace) ✅CareView ✅CareDeX ✅CareWallet ✅Swap ✅CareCafe ✅Largest Good-will project on BSC




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