Finally 🔥 This is the moment our team has always looking forward to!

➡️ Football Battle Desktop Web-version: https://marketplace.footballbattle.co/

🤟🤟 To play the game:
1. Visit https://marketplace.footballbattle.co/
2. Login with your wallet address
3. Make sure you meet the requirements
📍 Stake 100 $FBL on marketplace.footballbattle.co
📍Gather a team of at least 5 players that must contains a Goalkeeper (GK), a Defender (DF), a Midfield (MF) and a Forward (FW), the remained position can be at any other position (except GK)
4. Hit the PLAY GAME button

Build up your team, stake our $FBL and get ready to BATTLE ⚽️

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